Arizona County Forum Specifics

This forum is for Arizona residents who would like to come together, chat, meet up, network, share ideas and interests etc.
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Arizona County Forum Specifics

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This topic is locked and only for information on the county forums below. I'm not doing city specific threads because it would take too much time to create and then moderate. If your county is not listed, I believe registered users can post new topics (PLEASE, post your county only not your city). If not me or one of our moderators can help post the county for you.

I want this forum to help people be able to find like minded people in their area (within your county) and build friendships for the troubling times ahead. This forum has the ability for private messaging, so if you find someone in your area and want to have a private conversation it's there for you to use (not abuse). If someone is sending you unwanted messages you can block them and report it if necessary.

Harassment, bullying, excessive cursing, threatening other members will not be tolerated. Please flag any of these actions so moderators can handle the situation. I will be picking moderators for sitewide, and group area specific. So if you'd like to volunteer please message me.

This forum has many capabilities, like posting of all social media posts, and embedding YouTube videos. So feel free to share with your friends on here.

This site is a work in progress, if you have any ideas for improvement feel free to share them. I'll be posting more categories in the days to come as time permits. I'd like to have community sections for gardening, homesteading, canning and storage of foods, and all things related to prepping, fellowship with one another, etc. We all can see the world is falling apart at the seams, now is the time we need to come together and help each other out.

If you visit the board index page you can see the other forums I'm working on. I have a weather board where people can post on weather topics affecting their areas. This comes in handy all years round, from Hurricanes in the summer to posting on winter related storms across the US as well.

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